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We help you drive your business forward

Streamline your workflow and have everything in one place.


A software trusted by FBOs worldwide

FBO One is a cloud-based software used by more than 150 FBOs across 48 countries. By centralizing your data, FBO One drives your operation through customizable front-office and back-office work processes. The results are a smoother workflow, improved efficiency and satisfied customers.

Easy implementation

A Step-by-step approach

Our onboarding process ensures a quick and methodical way to get you and your team up and running with our software. With our extensive experience comes a structured way of planning each customers onboarding. Together with our team you can be sure to get a smooth transition along with a warm welcome to your new platform.


Essential features developed by experts

Our team has more than 30 years of hands-on experience from managing and working at FBOs. That is how we know what makes an FBO tool great. All that knowledge went into the development of the features of FBO One. It is designed to meet the needs of everyone in your team. Below are some examples. For a more in-depth presentation, book a demo and we will show you how FBO One can help you drive your business forward.

Features & Benefits

Quick and easy quoting

Free up time with smart quoting features

Create and manage quotes

  • Auto-add products and get automatic calculations
  • Smart filters to easily locate historical quotes
  • Stored customer specific price agreements
  • Easily send quote email with attached PDF
  • Quick access to quote details
  • Ability to copy quotes in case of duplicate requests

Features & Benefits

Plan and monitor services

Stay organized throughout the service process

Essential features and functionalities for smooth services

  • Create custom workflows to meet specific business needs
  • Unique audit log for every service
  • Easily quantify a service and have price calculated per unit
  • Use services as check lists with as few or as many steps as required
  • Create Time Tasked services
  • Send automated handling confirmations and supplier orders

Features & Benefits

Flight tracker

Stay on top of inbound flights and customer arrivals

Real-time flight updates through Eurocontrol/CFMU and FlightAware integration

  • Automatic update of ETA/STA/CTOT
  • Inbound & outbound airway slots, ETA, ETD, ETA at destination
  • Updates indicated by letters for instant awareness
  • Detailed log of Flight Tracker updates made to each order

Features & Benefits

Fuel management

Minimize waiting time and risk for manual errors with our Fuel Module

Have your fuel management in the same platform as your FBO operations

  • Create and book invoices for fuel sales
  • Import fuel tickets directly from trucks
  • Automatically updated fuel inventory
  • Track current stock for each type of fuel
  • Manage fuel contracts and credit terms
  • Accurate details including meter counts, uplift amounts, temperature and density readings, added fuel additives
  • Tailor processes to your unique business needs

Features & Benefits

Online payments

Get paid faster with trackable online payments

Easily process a payment or generate an invoice

  • Multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Handle partial, full and multiple payments
  • Online transactions with credit card, aviation/fuel cards and AIR Card®
  • Card on file – secure vault
  • Offline payment logging
  • Payment via mobile device
  • Instantly create PDF with payment receipt and email digital copy

Features & Benefits


Accurate and efficient pricing with automated workflows

Create anything from simple to very complex automated pricing calculations

  • Easily calculate fuel structures, airport fees and local taxes
  • Create surcharges that auto-apply when criteria are met, e.g. weekends +50%
  • Custom pricing rules enable the creation of customer specific rates
  • Create basic handling rates, e.g. by MTOW Weight bands
  • Customer specific discounts that auto-add to the handling fee

Features & Benefits

Management reporting

Analyze data and improve your operations

Create and export custom reports tailored to your business needs

  • Movement Trends
  • Fuel margin
  • Revenue
  • Top 10 Customers
  • KPI Reporting
  • Cross-network reporting
  • Ramp and hangar space management
  • Scheduled reports straight to your inbox

Features & Benefits

Back-office processes

Ensure you never miss out on revenue

Streamline back-office work processes through tailored workflows

  • Customize to local business and user needs
  • Refine connection between operations and accounting
  • Create individual administrations
  • Fully customizable invoice layouts