Swissport Executive Aviation France chooses FBO One

NICE. Amsterdam Software and Swissport Executive Aviation France signed an agreement for the use of FBO One by Swissport at Nice Côte d'Azur airport.

Jean-Didier Savioz, CEO of Swissport Executive Aviation France says: "We are working successfully with FBO One in Nice. Everyone working with it has found the system very useful.

On top of having a real live display of all the activities at the station, the system has massively reduced the paperwork. Each supervisor knows exactly what is going on and what is expected for the next hours. Flight files are fully automated and every single request is properly registered. The new link to CFMU accurately updates the planned arrival and departure times. All communication with the third party suppliers has been fully automated over the internet. On the billing side, we were able to make a direct link with our accounting system, eliminating all manual data entry.

In a few words, we can say that this IT system has changed the lives of our people."

Ries Vriend, owner and managing director of Amsterdam Software says: “FBO One is the only software that meets the challenges of this fast moving industry.

We are in the third phase of the product life cycle for FBO One, Supply Chain Integration. This ensures that handling organizations have all information from external sources at their fingertips. We first created a live data feed from Eurocontrol/CFMU. We now focus on integration with aircraft operators, for automatic processing of handling requests and electronic invoicing. Integration with suppliers of catering and limousines will ensure optimal customer service. Planning and progress at third parties is immediately visible without any human interference.

I believe staff members should be relieved from repetitive administrative tasks.”

About Swissport Executive Aviation

Founded on the global expertise of Swissport International Ltd., one of the world's leading commercial aviation ground handlers, Swissport Executive Aviation provides a top-class customized service for business flights at close to 60 stations in Argentina, Brazil, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, The Philippines, Uruguay and USA, and a five-star personalized service for passengers and crew.

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